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Jeremy Farrell

Postdoctoral Research Associate/Adjunct Faculty

Joining Darrin Freshwater Institute in 2003, Jeremy has been a spearhead in launching new DFWI projects.  Graduating with a BS in Geology from Union College in 2003, Jeremy went on to receive his PhD in Biology in 2013 from RPI. He continues his research as a postdoc for DFWI in addition to teaching the Fresh Water Ecology course for the SOS program.

His research involves hydroacoustic studies to varying degrees, mainly the study of fisheries and macroinvertebrates in Brooktrout. Jeremy has developed his skill with hydroacoustics to help with research in other areas including Lake George cold water fisheries studies, sediment typing, habitat mapping, and detection and mapping of invasive plants.

Jeremy has also been a valuable asset when it comes to database management/development and GIS work. His other research interests include flow cam work, mesocosm studies, and hudson river research involving zebra mussels.

In his free time, Jeremy enjoys kite photography, hiking, canoeing, sailing, and playing the guitar.







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