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The Institute is gearing up for Semester of Study for the fall of 2014

Welcome to the Semester of Study at DFWI, offered each year during the fall semester at Rensselaer. The program is designed for a wide range of students interested in learning how to solve some of our most critical environmental issues. Students in the traditional sciences as well as students studying engineering, the social sciences, management, and economics are all encouraged to participate.

As part of the program, students live in the Institute’s large Adirondack-style lodge throughout the semester. The lodge includes dorm rooms, a full commercial kitchen for student meals, a recreation room with pool table and TV, massive wood fireplaces, and a large porch overlooking Lake George. There are also classrooms for course work, teaching laboratories, and research laboratories.

The Adirondack lodge is adjacent to the main laboratory facilities of the center, where students perform their individual research projects using sophisticated technology that bridges the gap between traditional ecology research and modern bioinformatics and chemical analysis.

“The semester of study at the Darrin Fresh Water Institute gives our students the opportunity to perform research that they often wouldn’t get the opportunity to accomplish in a traditional classroom setting and all right on the banks of one of the most beautiful lakes,” said Institute Director and Professor of Biology Sandra Nierzwicki-Bauer. “They are able to earn a full semester of credits while also contributing to the preservation and understanding of some of our most vital freshwater resources and ecosystems.”

The program includes two formal Rensselaer courses in freshwater ecology and applied and environmental microbiology, a weekly seminar series with world-renowned experts on environmental topics ranging from underwater archeology to bacterial genomics, an individual research project, and an internship with one of more than a dozen local environmental organizations.

“It is a lot of hands-on, in-the-lab work,” said Megan Bramhall who attended semester of study. “It is one-on-one with the scientist here and sometimes two-on-one, so I have learned a lot of things that I wouldn’t learn anywhere else.”

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For more information on this program, please contact:

Dr. Sandra Nierzwicki-Bauer


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