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Graduate Program

Master’s Programs

Both the Master of Science and Master of Applied Science degrees are available within the Biochemistry and Biophysics program. Each requires a total of 30 credit hours.

For the Master of Science degree in Biochemistry and Biophysics, 15 credits must be in courses at the 6000–6999 level. In addition, six to nine credits must be in research. Students must either have had in their undergraduate study or must include in their M.S. Plan of Study three of the Molecular Biophysics Module courses listed below, or their undergraduate equivalents. A thesis based on original work is required.

The Master of Applied Science degree program features the possibility of combining graduate level cooperative education participation, or equivalent industrial experience, with course work for the degree in Biochemistry and Biophysics.

Doctoral Program

In addition to satisfying Institute requirements for the Ph.D. degree, entering students must either complete the Molecular Biochemistry I course (BCBP 4760), or have had the equivalent as part of their previous education, and must complete three of the Molecular Biophysics Module courses listed below. Additional courses may be chosen relevant to the area of specialization of each student’s research.  

The Doctor of Philosophy degree in Biochemistry and Biophysics (BCBP) requires a dissertation based on an original research project. Entering students must undertake two research rotations during the first year of study. These research rotations must be carried out with faculty members selected from the list of participating faculty. The two faculty members selected to direct these research rotations must be based in two different departments. After completing two research rotations, a thesis adviser must be chosen from the list of participating faculty by the end of the second semester. A seminar must be presented, and a candidacy exam completed, by the end of the second year of study.

Molecular Biophysics Module Courses:

BCBP 6170 - Advanced Topics in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

BCBP 6310 - Genetic Engineering

BCBP 6640 - Proteomics

BCBP 6780 - Protein Folding

BCBP 6810 - Biological Spectroscopy

BCBP 6870 - Protein Structure Determination  

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