Molecular Biochemistry I

Signal Transduction Cascades


Textbook Reading: Biochemistry, 3rd Edition, by Voet & Voet, pages 673-683, 707-717. (Note: Not all details in these pages will be covered here.)

Some recent articles (optional reading): 
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Potential Test Questions:

1. Diagram and describe the sequence of events by which a hormone such as epinephrine or glucagon activates production of cyclic AMP within a cell. Include the roles of the receptor (GPCR), the different subunits of the stimulatory G protein, and Adenylate Cyclase. How is the signal turned off at each step? Include a brief description of the role b-arrestin.

2. a. Describe the activation of cAMP-Dependent Protein Kinase (Protein Kinase A). What causes the enzyme to be inhibited in the absence of cyclic AMP? How is activation by cyclic AMP turned off?
b. Diagram an example of the reaction catalyzed by the activated cAMP-Dependent Protein Kinase. What reaction is catalyzed by the enzyme Protein Phosphatase.
c. Briefly summarize the role of an AKAP.

3. Write out (in words) the reaction catalyzed by Phospholipase C. Briefly summarize the "second messenger" roles of the two products of the Phospholipase C reaction.

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