Molecular Biochemistry II

Fatty Acid Synthesis


Textbook Reading: Voet & Voet, Biochemistry, 3rd Edition, p. 930-938, 940-942

Some recent articles (optional reading): 
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Potential Test Questions:

1. What enzyme catalyzes the committed step of fatty acid synthesis? Write out the 2-step reaction catalyzed by this enzyme, providing names of reactants, intermediates, and products only. Summarize the ways in which this enzyme is regulated, including by allosteric effectors and by phosphorylation. Explain the value to the cell or organism of these regulatory effects. What kinases are responsible for the regulation by phosphorylation? What physical change accompanies activation of the enzyme?

2.a. Diagram the structure of active site thioester intermediates of the mammalian Fatty Acid Synthase, following the initial transacylase reactions.
Then draw the products of the reaction catalyzed by Condensing Enzyme (reaction 3). 
b. Diagram or describe in words the subsequent reduction and dehydration steps.
c. What might be the significance of the long flexible chain of the phosphopantetheine group of the acyl carrier protein domain (ACP) of Fatty Acid Synthase?

Balance sheet for Fatty Acid Synthase:

1a. How many acetyl-CoA used for initial priming of the enzyme? ________
b. How many acetyl-CoA used for synthesis of each malonate? __________
c. How many malonate used (how many reaction cycles) per synthesis of one 16-C palminate? ________
d. Total acetyl-CoA used for priming and for syntheisis of malonate, a + b(c): ________
2a. How many ~P bonds of ATP used for synthesis of each malonate? __________
b. Total ~P bonds of ATP used for synthesis of one 16-C palmitate, 2a(1c): ________
3a. How many NADPH used per reaction cycle? __________
b. Total NADPH used per synthesis of one 16-C palmitate, 3a(1c): _________
4. Write a balanced equation for synthesis of palmitate from acetyl-CoA, listing net inputs and outputs:


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