Biochemistry of Metabolism: Cell Biology

Microtubule Motor Proteins


Textbook Reading: Alberts et al. 4th Edition Chapter 16. Specific pages given in the notes.

Some recent articles (optional reading): 
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Potential Test Question:

1. a. Diagram and describe the structure of kinesin I (conventional kinesin), and indicate the roles of different parts of the kinesin molecule. Describe and explain the significance of the conformational change associated with phosphorylation/dephosphorylation of the kinesin light chains or binding and unbinding of cargo.
b. What is meant by the statement that movement of kinesin I along a microtubule is processive? How is a processive mechanism of movement suited to the role of kinesin?
c. Briefly describe the structure and composition of the motor domain of dynein. Briefly describe two ways in which the dynein motor domain differs from that of kinesin.

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