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Undergraduate Program


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Minor in BCBP

Undergraduate Program

Rensselaer’s biochemistry and biophysics undergraduate curriculum includes thorough grounding in mathematics, chemistry, and physics, along with modern biochemistry, biophysics, and molecular-level biology.

Advanced biochemistry and biophysics courses, many of which are jointly taught by biology and chemistry faculty, impart knowledge and training in cutting-edge research approaches.

Students following this curriculum are thus exceptionally well prepared for graduate school and to become desirable prospective employees in various sectors of the biotechnology industry. The curriculum also provides an excellent background for students planning careers in medicine.

While rigorous, the undergraduate curriculum offers sufficient flexibility and course choices to allow students to tailor their education to particular career paths.

Most students pursue undergraduate research in faculty laboratories. Many seek industrial experience through Rensselaer’s Cooperative Education Program, and the high degree of flexibility facilitates fitting a co-op experience into the degree program.

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