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Materials Science and Engineering Majors

Many courses in the Materials Science and Engineering Department are offered only once a year and some courses have to be taken in sequence. Therefore, students going to Co-op require a careful planning and should consult their academic advisor. Probably the best time for students to go to Co-op would be the third year, either fall or spring. Some students use AP or transferred credit to go on Co-op and still finish in a total of four years. Others prefer the normal pace, requiring four years (or eight semesters) to complete the requirements for the BS degree at example of an acceptable schedule is given below.

First two years (four semesters) – normal schedule shown in the catalogue.
Co-op assignment at the fall semester of the third year and two summers.
Upon return to Rensselaer in the spring semester of the third year the student takes the following courses.

Third year, Spring
MTLE-4250 Properties of Engineering Materials II 4 credits
ENGR-2600 Modeling & Analysis of Uncertainty 3 credits
MTLE-4910 Design in Materials Engineering 3 creditsRestricted Elective 4 credits
Free Elective I 4 credits

Professional Development II 2 credits

Fourth year, Fall
MTLE-4400 Materials Synthesis and Processing I 4 credits
MTLE-4300 Properties of Materials I 4 credits
MTLE-4100 Thermodynamics of Materials 4 credits
Humanities or Social Sci. Elective 4 credits

Fourth year, Spring
MTLE-4450 Materials Synthesis and Processing II 4 credits
MTLE-4150 Kinetics of Materials Systems 4 credits

Materials Elective I 3 credits

Fifth year, Fall
Materials Elective II 3 credits
Free Elective II 4 credits
Free Elective III 4 credits
ENGR-4010 Professional Development III 1 credit

MTLE-4920 Application of Materials 2 credits

Updated October 2011

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