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The CCPD offers a variety of programs, services and special events annually to meet the career development and job search needs of Rensselaer students. Career Navigator Handout Series *
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* JobLink

JobLink is the CCPD’s online recruiting and job posting system. Activate your JobLink account annually! All opportunities received by the CCPD are posted in JobLink for summer, co-op and full-time job seekers. Check out this article: Playing Fair: Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Job Seeker

Through JobLink you can participate in on-campus interviews; view and apply for open jobs; and post your resume in JobLink to be included in the CCPD’s online Resume Books.  

CCPD Joblink *

JobLink Student Login
Rensselaer is proud to be a NACElink Network School.

Get your career off to a great start, and be sure to read the CCPD’s Policies and On-Campus Recruiting Policies before you begin your job search!


The Co-op Program

Rensselaer’s Co-op program offers a way to apply classroom experience in a business setting. Students on a co-op work full time for an employer recognized by the Co-op program as able to provide the student with a work experience that will reinforce career objectives.


Freshman Career
Compass Program

The Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) and General Electric welcome first year students to start their Rensselaer career with a series of programs called Freshman Career Compass to make your first year here a successful one.


Sophomore Career
Experience Program

The Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) is pleased to invite you to become a member of our national award winning Sophomore Career Experience (SCE).

This program is designed to cultivate the career development knowledge and skills of Sophomores, providing you with a competitive employment advantage as you move into your junior year.


The Summer Arch

The Summer Arch prepares students to meet the multifaceted challenge of the 21st century. The Summer Arch will augment academic and experiential learning programs, and providing even more robust-and transformative-educational experience for undergraduate students.

To make our undergraduate educational experience even more robust and transformative, we are freeing it from the traditional academic calendar. In 2017, Rensselaer will aunch the Summer Arch. During the Summer Arch, students will remain on campus for the summer after their sophomore year, taking junior-level classes, and receive focused attention from professors at this pivotal point in their academic progression.

Students will leave the Troy campus for a semester during the traditional junior year—either fall or spring—to pursue their passions in the form of co-ops, internships, community service, research, or international experiences. Students who pursue these opportunities during their academic career will be better prepared for future professional careers and graduate school.

Whatever students decide to do during the Summer Arch—join a multinational corporation, launch a start-up, work in a health care clinic, or help NASA to land humans on Mars—the experience will broaden and deepen their knowledge, and build leadership skills.

For more information on how the CCPD will assist students in their Summer Arch Semester Away planning, please visit our Summer Arch information page.

Additional information regarding academics and student activities with Summer Arch can be found at the Office of the Provost.

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