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Earth & Environmental Sciences
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Earth & Environmental Sciences
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Environmental Science

Environmental Science, Geology, Hydrogeology, Astrobiology

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Earth and Environmental Sciences Course Descriptions

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2003-2004 Earth & Environmental Sciences (ERTH)

ERTH-1010: Planet Earth I: The Solid Earth
ERTH-1020: Planet Earth II: Oceans and Atmosphere
ERTH-1030: Natural Sciences I
ERTH-1040: Natural Sciences II
ERTH-1100: Geology I: Earth’s Interior
ERTH-1200: Geology II: Earth’s Surface
ERTH-2100: Introduction to Geophysics
ERTH-2120: Structural Geology
ERTH-2140: Introduction to Geochemistry
ERTH-2210: Field Methods
ERTH-2330: Earth Materials
ERTH-2610: Oceanography
ERTH-2620: Current Topics in Earth Science
ERTH-4070: Sedimentology
ERTH-4180: Environmental Geology
ERTH-4190: Environmental Measurements
ERTH-4340: Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
ERTH-4500: Global Environmental Change
ERTH-4540: Organic Geochemistry
ERTH-4570: Solid Earth Geophysics
ERTH-4650: Seismology
ERTH-4690: Aqueous Geochemistry
ERTH-4710: Groundwater Hydrology
ERTH-4740: Applied Groundwater Modeling
ERTH-4750: Geographic Information Systems in the Sciences
ERTH-4810: Chemistry of the Environment
ERTH-4940: Readings in Geology
ERTH-4960: Topics in Geology
ERTH-4970: Out-of-Classroom Experience in Earth Sciences
ERTH-4980: Senior Field Thesis
ERTH-6300: Advanced Metamorphic Petrology
ERTH-6540: Advanced Igneous Petrology
ERTH-6580: Seminar in Geophysics: Selected Topics
ERTH-6710: Advanced Groundwater Hydrology
ERTH-6720: Advanced Groundwater Hydraulics
ERTH-6730: Groundwater Contaminant Transport
ERTH-6940: Readings in Geology
ERTH-6960: Special Topics in Geology
ERTH-6980: Master’s Project
ERTH-6990: Master’s Thesis
ERTH-9990: Dissertation

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