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Earth & Environmental Sciences
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Earth & Environmental Sciences
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Outstanding academic performance by undergraduate Earth and Environmental Science students is recognized by the following prizes and awards:

Todd M. Webber Scholarship
The scholarship is issued from an endowment honoring the memory of Todd M. Webber, an alumni of our department (BS,1975; MS, 1976). Todd was an exceptional student of geology. Following the completion of his graduate work, he began a successful career in hydrogeology.

Sadly, Todd was killed by a tragic accident on November 2, 1979 while working on an exploratory drilling rig on Long Island. Thanks to this memorial scholarship, his memory lives on in the work of today's students.

2005 Julie Arrighi, Katherine Clubine, Sherry Lippiatt, and Ashley Shuler

Joseph L . Rosenholtz Award
An annual award based on the income from funds contributed by friends and former students of Prof. Rosenholtz, the prize is awarded to a senior for outstanding work in earth sciences

1966 Richard H. Fillon
1967 Victor R. Baker
1969 Richard G. Little
1970 Joseph A. Terrible
1971 Harry N. Tyler
1973 Roy J. Bateman, Robert M. Fornili, Martin B. Lagoe, Frederick J. Ryerson
1974 Stephen N. Kitzis
1975 Teresa E. Jordan
1976 Bill Bosworth, Kurt Rudolph, Robert Stetkar
1978 Terry Beddoe
1980 Bob Furguson
1981 Edward L. Shuster
1982 John Lynch
1984 Kevin Lawler
1985 Maureen Lawler
1986 Pam Cooley, David Sparks
1994 Drik M. Goldman
1999 Rosalie Fauteaux, Genevieve Hendersen, Diane Zehrfuhs 2000 Maurenn Long
2001 Melody Bergeron
2002 Karin Lackmann
2004 Sanpisa Sritrairat
2005 Jacqueline Krajewski
2006 Ashley Shuler

Robert LaFleur Award
An award established by the friends of Professor Robert G. LaFleur for students demonstrating an excellent record in, commitment to, and promise in the field of environmental geosciences.

1994 Jason C. Kappel
1996 Daniel C. Walsh, Dan Lang
1999 Jennifer Tatten
2000 Damon Chaky
2001 Melissa Smith
2002 Kelly Robinson
2004 Beizhan Yan
2005 Amy Gagne
2006 Sherry Lippiatt

The Charles McMorrow Award: For Undergraduate Research in Geology
Beginning in 1994, Charles F. McMorrow, class of '49, endowed an award to support the research of undergraduates working on problems in the Earth or Environmental Sciences. Proposals are solicited from undergraduates annually. The best of those deemed worthy of the award receive monetary support towards completion of the proposed project.

1994 Jeffrey Markussen Geothermometry of the Adirondacks, NY
1996 Lael Tolley and Jason Brookham

Diane Zehrfuhs

Cave morphology in the Helderberg group of Schoharie County, NY

Diffusion rate of TiO2 in water

1997 Amy Marie Accardi Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy of sediments
2000 Tyler Zapert Characterizing diffusion in the Earth's core
2001 Melody Bergeron Adaptations of adaptive features in Dinosaurs

Applications for this award are solicited each year. For information and an application, contact Jon Price at

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