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Earth & Environmental Sciences
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Earth & Environmental Sciences
Teofilo (Jun) Abrajano

Professor, Isotope Geochemistry
Director, Environmental Science Program
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Contact Information:

(518) 276-6036

More Info:

Courses Taught:

ERTH-2140 Introduction to Geochemistry
ERTH-6730 Groundwater Contaminant Transport
ERTH-4690/6060 Aqueous Geochemistry
ERTH-6963 Isotope Geochemistry
ERTH-4500 Global Environmental Change
IENV-4700 One Mile of the Hudson
IENV-1910/1912 1st Year Environmental Seminar I/II

Research Areas:

Compound-specific stable isotope analysis is quickly changing the face of earth and environmental sciences. The impact is felt most in biogeochemical and environmental research, which themselves are fields undergoing tremendous evolution. Basic and applied questions pertaining to pollutant fate and transport, and renewed interest on paleo- and modern surface environments including the site of life's origin continue to demand more definitive methods of investigations.

A common theme of our research projects is the elucidation of the sources and fate of biogenic and anthropogenic organic compounds in surface and groundwater systems using compound-specific stable isotope measurements. We have investigated a wide range of priority pollutants including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), common solvents, fuel products and additives, and other petroleum hydrocarbons, to unravel their sources and quantify their transport and degradation in surface and groundwater environments. We are particularly interested in establishing the "systematics" of isotope fractionation accompanying transport, metabolism and biodegradation of organic contaminants for incorporation into quantitative models needed to assess contamination history and predict future contaminant behavior.

Our studies of natural biogenic compounds parallel our studies of contaminant sources and pathways. In particular, we examine the sources and pathways of biogenic compounds, including various lipid classes, phenylpropanoids and S compounds, to examine the cycling of C and S role in aquatic environments. The study of lipid classes allows us to delineate energy flow and carbon transfer from primary producers to the food web, thus giving us essential information on trophic structure and linkages in modern and paleo-ecosystems. In addition to lipids, our studies of terrestrial systems had also included the use of lignin-derived biomarkers to examine the specific role of vascular plant sources in the carbon cycle. The research objectives are to likewise establish the relevant isotope "systematics" and to credibly apply the approach to field studies of organic matter sources, transport, metabolism and degradation.

Selected Publications:

Abrajano, T. A., O'Malley, V. and Yan, B. (2003) CHAPTER 13: High Molecular Weight Petrogenic and Pyrogenic Hydrocarbons in Aquatic Environments, In Treatise of Geochemistry, (B. Sherwood-Lollar, Volume Editor; Holland, H. and Turekian, K., Editors), Elsevier Publishing, p. 475-510.

Namocatcat, J.A., Fang, J., Barcelona, M.J., Quibuyen, A. and Abrajano, T., (2003) Trimethylbenzoic acids as metabolite signatures in the biogeochemical evolution of an aquifer contaminated with jet fuel hydrocarbons. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 67, 177-194.
Stark, A. (deceased), Abrajano, T., Hellou, J. and Smith, J., (2003) Molecular and Isotopic Characterization of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Distribution and Sources at the International Segment of the St. Lawrence River, Organic Geochemistry 34, 225-237.

Ramos, C.S., Parrish , C.C., Quibuyen, T. and Abrajano, T. (2003) Fatty acid and lipid class biogeochemistry of rapidly settling particles during a spring bloom in a cold ocean environment, Organic Geochemistry 34, 195-207.

Pulchan, K.J., Helleur, R. and Abrajano, T.A. (2003) TMAH thermochemolysis characterization of marine sedimentary organic matter in a Newfoundland fjord, Organic Geochemistry 34, 305-317.

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Fang, J., Barcelona, M. J., Abrajano, T. A., Nogi, Y., and Kato, C. (2002) Isotopic composition of fatty acids isolated from the extremely piezophilic bacteria from the Mariana Trench at 11,000 Meters. Marine Chemistry 80, 1-9.

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Aksu, A.E., Hiscott, R.N., Mudie, P.J/, Rochon, A., Kaminski, M.A., Abrajano, T., and Yas¸ ar, D. (2002) Persistent Holocene Outflow from the Black Sea to the Eastern Mediterranean Contradicts Noah's Flood Hypothesis, GSA Today 12, 4-10.

Abrajano T, Stark A, Smith, J. and Hellou, J (2002) Molecular and Carbon Isotopic Characterization of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Distribution in Mussels and Associated Sediments from the Massena-Cornwall Area, St. Lawrence River, Goldschmidt Conference, Davos, Switzerland, p.24.

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