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Troy Music Hall program, 1893.

Off-Campus Sites
Despite the wide variety of student entertainers, the lack of appropriate space on campus required performances to be held at other locales well into the 20th century. The earliest known performing arts groups at Rensselaer included the Glee Club, the Banjo and Guitar Club, the Mandolin Club, the RPI Orchestra, and the RPI Dramatic Club.

Archival records indicate RPI’s Glee Club sang in numerous venues in and around the city of Troy, New York, including Rand’s Opera House, Lyceum Hall, local churches and schools, and the Troy Music Hall. Other Rensselaer musical groups performed at the YMCA Hall and Association Hall in Troy.

As the campus moved up the hill from downtown Troy in the early 1900s, these off-campus sites became less and less convenient for members of the Rensselaer community. However, few alternatives were available for years to come.

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Troy Music Hall, undated.

Rand's Opera House, 1894.

Lyceum Hall, 1922.

Rand's Opera House, 1886.

YMCA Hall, 1917.