The Sleigh Rush was a custom whereby the freshman class would meet for a sleigh ride to Albany where they would have a class supper. The sophomores would attempt to capture their sleigh or beat them to Albany and eat their supper. The rush usually took place between Christmas recess and the vacation between the terms, the freshmen having the privilege of choosing the day.

Sleigh Rush Rules:
1. The freshmen most post a notice, informing the "sophs" that they are going to have their supper and ride, and they must start within forty-eight hours after the notice is posted.

1882 Transit2. They must leave Troy and return to Troy in their own sleigh.

The posting of the notice was the signal for a hasty meeting of the sophomores where men were delegated to watch and follow the freshmen. Their mission was to try to discover where the freshmen were getting the sleigh and if possible, when and where the supper was to be served. The latter was seldom accomplished, since the freshmen were very careful not to lose their meal.

In order to stop the freshmen's sleigh, roads were frequently barricaded, huge bonfires built, etc. Sometimes a long and exciting chase ensued and an attack made while the sleighs were moving at full speed. If the sleigh was stopped by the sophomores, the horses were unhitched and a rush for the possession of the sleigh began. The sleigh was sometimes completely destroyed in the process. A fleet of cutters containing the upperclassmen usually followed the freshmen's sleigh and during the rush the occupants drew near to enjoy the sport. The Grand Marshall and the Transit committee were the invited guests of the freshmen. As with all other rushes, the Grand Marshal declared the winner.


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