Banner Rush Rules:

1. Rush begins at noon, Tuesday, September 25. Rush ends at noon, Friday, September 28.

2. Banners to be given to Sophomore Class at Assembly, Tuesday, September 25, and must be concealed according to the following rules by 8:00 p.m., September 25.

3. Rush is restricted to the campus of RPI. The campus is defined as the unsheltered ground in the possession of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The area north of Peck Drive, called Rensselaerwyck, is off limits. The banner cannot be hidden inside any building, nor on the roof of any building. One portion of the banner must always be visible to any alert searcher in near vicinity.

4. Once spotted or located, the canner automatically becomes the possession of the party finding it.

Polytechnic, Oct. 1, 19525. After finding, the class must report the fact to the Grand Marshal immediately, and they are allowed three hours to rehide the banner. The Grand Marshal shall also be immediately notified as to the location of the banner after hiding.

Polytechnic, Oct. 6, 19546. Class in possession of the banner at noon, Friday, September 28, is the winner.

7. All disputes and interpretations of the rules to be settled by the President of the Union and the Grand Marshal; their decisions to be final.

8. Any flagrant violation of rules by one class will result in victory for opposing class.


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