GMSA Constitution (taken from 2005)

1. General

  A. This Charter will go into effect immediately following the election set to occur in late 2000.

  B. The GMSA consists of all MBA, MS, PhD, SUMBA and EMAP Management students in the Lally School, full time or part time. The student body consisting of all MBA, MS, PhD, SUMBA and EMAP students elects the board.

  C. All graduate management students are eligible to run for a Board position provided they are able to fulfill their entire term and fulfill their responsibility to educate their successor in the manner prescribed in this document.

  D. The Board is the decision making body of the Association. Each member of the Association is eligible to cast one ballot in the yearly election of the Board. Each elected member of the Board has one vote to cast in any matter of business in which a vote is called.

  E.The board has the right and responsibility to modify the organization and the charter in order to adapt to changing environments and best serve the students they represent. Any member of the GMSA may propose changes to this document. Such changes will require a 2/3 vote of the entire Board (not 2/3 of those present at the time of voting).

  F. Elections are held annually during the fall semester. Outgoing officers are responsible for conducting the election. After the votes have been tallied and the Board has been selected by the student body, it is the responsibility of the outgoing class to create a formal group socialization process for the incoming board. Outgoing members are also required to properly educate the person filling his/her seat and pass on all relevant documentation from the previous terms.

  G. The newly elected Board begins their first day of service on the first day of classes in the spring semester following the elections in the fall.

  H. The Director of Student Services, and the Advisory Board (comprised of the previous term officers and alumni) will act in an advisory, non-voting capacity. Each elected officer will encourage student participation in activities and opportunities. All students will have the opportunity to participate in GMSA sponsored activities.

  I. The board will meet formally at least three times a semester. There will be at least 1 open meeting per semester to encourage students to air their comments and suggestions directly to the body. The Board will publicize the event with email and other communication media

  J. The Mission statement, charter, and position descriptions must be posted on the Internet where all students can view the files. This will allow students to challenge the board in the case that the due process within this document is violated.

  K. Any member of the Board may be removed and replaced by a unanimous (not counting the vote of the person in question) vote of no confidence if the Board member fails to accomplish the tasks outlined in this document.

2. Voting

  A. In order for a Board member's vote to count, he/she must be at the meeting in which the vote is recorded. In the event of a tie, the president will be granted an additional vote to break the deadlock.

  B. In the general election that determines the Board, all voting is silent and confidential and will be conducted by email or written ballot. Elected officers will manage their area of responsibility and participate in the larger efforts of the organization.

  C. The incoming Board may fill positions that are not filled during the elections however they see fit.

  D. Officers who are unable to perform their duties for any reason must immediately notify the board and permanently step down from their position. They may retain an advisory, non-voting position with the board. The board will solicit nominations from the remaining members to fill the vacancy. Candidates will be required to accept or decline their nomination. If there are multiple candidates, the Board will then vote (majority present at meeting) on the nominees and select a replacement within three weeks of the creation of the vacancy.

  E. Any registered Full-time and Part-time MBA, MS, PHD, SUMBA and EMAP students are eligible to vote in the elections.

3. Budget

  A. The proposed budget with activity plan will be constructed and submitted to the Director of Student Services by May 31st for the upcoming fall/spring terms. The incoming Board will then abide by the budget or propose a new one for approval at any time once they start their term in the spring semester. Budget updates will be provided to the administration twice per semester. A yearly summary will be provided at the end of the fall semester. Revenues will be spent to best meet the mission of the Association.

4. Activities

  A. Network International (NI) is a series of programs run atleast once per semester. NI serves to educate the student body on International Business practices. These activities demonstrate skills that are crucial to the success of GMSA members in a diverse and multi-cultural world economy. The content of the activities should come from the International student population in the GMSA. Since NI is funded by the GMSA and not the university, all activities conducted by NI are intended solely for members of the GMSA, their families, and guests. NI events are NOT open to the RPI student population. All activities for NI shall be organized in the manner prescribed in this document.

  B. The GMSA will appoint a representative to act as a liaison between the Board and the organization charged with the task of organizing the career fair for the Lally School Career Fair. Each year, the administration appoints a student as a representative to sit on the board of the organization that organizes the Career Fair for the entire school. The Boards liaison may be the student representative appointed by the administration, or they may appoint another liaison.

  C. Graduation events and ceremonies are a key responsibility of the GMSA. The outgoing Board is responsible for arranging graduation activities and seeing that they are carried out. The budget should include these items when submitted in the previous year. The incoming Board may not significantly decrease the allotted (and approved) graduation budget unless a majority of the outgoing Board makes a written request that has been approved by the Director of Student Services.

5. Inclusion Policy

  A. The GMSA consists of a diverse group of students. Students originate from a variety of racial, ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds. Students also vary in their registration status (part-time and full-time) and marital status. The elected Board must not only serve as a means by which to offer activities, but also as a vehicle to spark interaction between these diverse groups.

  B. It is the responsibility of the Board to ensure that diverse sets of students are encouraged to participate in the planning and implementation of activities. Special effort should also be placed on encouraging these diverse populations to attend GMSA events.

  C. Failure to comply with the inclusion policy will be at the detriment of the organization, the program, and the School.