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Equipment: Using the Telescope

Short Startup Checklist

If they are not already on, turn on the telescope computer and warm room computer (even if you are not observing from here, it supplies the weather data).  If you plan to do CCD imaging, make sure the camera computer is also on.

Turn the key in the telescope (clockwise).

If you plan on observing from the warm room, make sure that the camera cables can move freely.  Then connect to the telescope computer with the VNC Viewer software.

If you plan on imaging, use the VNC Viewer software to connect to the camera computer from the telescope computer (or the warm room computer, if you are observing from there).  See camera checklist.

Start the ACE software on the telescope computer and log in.

Open the dome using the Open Shutter command from the Dome menu.

Use the Mirror Park command from the Telescope menu to lower the telescope.  Once the telescope has moved to this position, remove the primary and finder scope covers.

The object catalogues are available from right-clicking in the black area in the center.  Once you Go To an object, tracking will turn on.

Turn on automatic dome tracking with the Auto Dome command from the Dome menu.

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