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In Memoriam

Philip K. Griswold ’39, a retired test engineer for Sikorsky Aircraft; Sept. 4, 2005. Richard P. Gonder ’40, retired vice president, planning, Continental Corp., then CFO for Rahway Sewage Co., avid golfer, and WWII Navy veteran; Aug. 29. Charles H. Biddle ’41, former electrical estimator, Stilsing Electric Inc., of Rensselaer, N.Y.; Feb. 14. Nathaniel R. Evans ’41, retired insurance underwriter for Aetna and Kemper insurance companies; March 23. Emerson M. Hoyt Jr. ’41, retired from Ford Motor Co. science and research staff, formerly with major aerospace contractors, electronics consultant, ham radio amateur, cellist, and WWII Navy veteran; July 16, 2005. Ellis M. Rowlands ’42, M.Arch. ’46, retired director of community college facilities planning for the State University of New York, active in community organizations including school board, and WWII Navy veteran; July 11. L. Merrick Bryce ’44, longtime funeral director in Troy, N.Y., active in community affairs including board of education and YMCA, and WWII Army Corps of Engineers veteran; June 3.

Richard B. Southwell ’45, retired from General Electric Co. where he served in aerospace electronics marketing positions, and retired commander, USNR; May 7. Charles D. Hoskins ’48, retired metallurgical engineer with IBM, design team member, IBM Selectric typewriter ball, which revolutionized the typewriter industry, and WWII veteran; May 24. Emmett H. Mann ’48, retired head, existing industries, State of Georgia Department of Industry and Trade; March 18, 2005. Raymond G. Fox ’49, retired associate engineer, N.Y.S. Dormitory Authority, active in professional and community groups including Latham Circle Squares and American Cancer Society, Reunion chair, Class of ’49, and WWII Army veteran; April 28. James J. Larson Sr. ’49, retired president, Oviatt Plumbing and Heating Distributing Co., active in civic affairs including Lansingburgh Boys and Girls Club, and decorated WWII Army pilot; June 22.

Eugene A. Bennett ’50, retired training coordinator, N.Y.S. Civil Service Division, formerly with the American Locomotive Corp., and WWII Army veteran; June 10. Robert S. Thorsland ’52, retired from the N.Y.S. Department of Health, formerly with the Office of General Services, avid outdoorsman and master ship builder, and U.S. Army veteran; May 22. Eugene A. Bilodeau ’53, professional engineer and owner-operator of Arlen Associates in Castleton, N.Y.; June 1. Edward S. Wajda, Ph.D. ’53, retired manager and senior physicist, IBM, patent holder who contributed to the development of semiconductor materials, and WWII Navy veteran; Aug. 15. Jack Wohl ’53, retired after a 35-year career with Lockheed Missiles and Space Co.; Feb. 10.

Joseph J. Schanz Sr. ’55, M.C.E. ’56, retired radar division engineer, GE, former bridge design engineer, American Bridge and N.Y.S. DOT, and Scoutmaster; May 2. Louis R. Colangione ’57, former CEO and executive vice president, Skyway Roofing of Troy, active in civic affairs including chamber of commerce, hospital, and arts organizations, and U.S. Navy veteran; May 6. Karl N. Sieck ’57, retired civil engineer, Fraser & Associates, active in church activities; August 2006. Martin F. Gilligan ’58; July 29, 2006. Raymond L. Abel, M.M.G. ’59, retired lieutenant colonel, U.S. Marine Corps, retired administrator, California’s county welfare departments, and designer of auto tools; Aug. 11.

Robert H. Lipp, M.S. ’62, associate professor of mechanical engineering, University of New Orleans, whose long career in industry included R&D in aerospace engineering at several companies, and U.S. Army veteran; May 16. William S. Dogan ’66, B.Arch. ’67, architect and real estate developer in Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, and most recently Sarasota, Fla., active in community organizations, Class of ’66 president and reunion chair, and avid sports fan; July 19.

James D. Strickler ’70, M.E. ’71, retired from Raytheon where he developed radar systems and software, avid fly fisherman and nature lover; June 4. Anthony Falcone, M.S. ’86, associate technical fellow, Boeing Phantom Works, Materials and Process Technology Organization, active in the Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering; July 22.

Donald F. Drapeau, M.S. ’90, retired vice president of engineering, B.F. Goodrich, formerly with Hamilton Standard, patent holder, and expert in electromagnetics; June 14. David F. Medeiros ’90, software engineer at TYBRIN Corp. and head of the Combat Flight Planning Software team, pianist, skier, and U.S. Navy veteran; March 28, 2005. Sandra Karp, MBA ’91, nutrition therapist and dietetic consultant, former marketing director for CIGNA, and former middle school teacher; June 30.

Harry F. Tiersten, professor of mechanical, aerospace, and nuclear engineering at Rensselaer since 1967, an international expert in the field of non-linear continuum physics; July 12.

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