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South Campus Construction
EMPAC Rising
Construction on Rensselaer’s Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC), located on the western edge of campus, is well under way. An opening festival for the 206,000-square-foot building is being planned for September 2008.

Water Monitoring
Underwater Robots
A collaborative group of researchers are conducting experiments with underwater robots at Rensselaer’s Darrin Fresh Water Institute on Lake George as part of the RiverNet project, a National Science Foundation-funded initiative.

Commencement 2005
Clinton To Speak at Commencement
United States Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) will speak at Rensselaer’s 199th Commencement on May 21, at the Harkness Field.

Sports Report
Women’s Team Heads to Division I
Rensselaer’s women’s hockey team, which just finished one of its finest seasons on record, continues to prove that it’s ready for Division I status.

Tsunami Relief
Lending a Hand
In response to the tsunami disaster that killed tens of thousands in South Asia, the Rensselaer community quickly mobilized to lend a helping hand. Approximately 300 Rensselaer students, faculty, and staff are from the countries directly affected by the tsunami.

Drug Discovery
Determining Toxicity
In recent advances, large numbers of promising compounds for potential new drugs have been identified. Yet, the biggest obstacle that remains in drug discovery is the lack of a reliable way to screen these drug candidates to determine toxicity levels early enough in the process.

Creative Competition
Can-Do Design!
Sophomore Gavin McIntyre, who has a dual major in product design and innovation (PDI) and mechanical engineering, was one of 30 finalists in Red Bull’s nationwide “Art of the Can” contest this spring. More than 300 entries, from 44 states and 11 different countries, were submitted.

Student Life
From Schoolhouse to Student Center
Academy Hall was originally constructed in 1923 and served as Public School 14 for Troy elementary school students for nearly 70 years. After purchasing the building in 1990, Rensselaer renamed it Academy Hall in recognition of its legacy as a school.

Carbon Nanotubes
Good Vibrations
Using carbon nanotubes, Rensselaer researchers have developed a novel way to enhance conventional material used to reduce vibration in a wide range of applications in manufacturing equipment and electronic devices.

Lally School of Management and Technology
Entrepreneurial Prowess
Entrepreneur magazine has ranked the technological entrepreneurship program at Rensselaer’s Lally School of Management and Technology sixth in the nation in its April 2005 issue.

Molecularium Project
Teaching Kids What “Matters”
Rensselaer premiered its Molecularium™ show, Riding Snowflakes, a state-of-the-art computer-generated animation for digital dome theaters, at the Children’s Museum of Science and Technology in North Greenbush Feb. 4.

The Minutia File
RPI on eBay
For Sam Wait ’53, one of his favorite Christmas presents this year was actually more than 50 years old. He received a slightly worn copy of The Songs of Rensselaer, a four-album (78 RPM, vinyl!) set of songs recorded by the Rensselaer Glee Club in 1948. The gift came from a former neighbor now living in Anchorage, Alaska.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Better Earthquake Forecasting
For 25 years, geophysicist Rob McCaffrey has been monitoring earthquake activity and plate convergence at subduction zones around the world, including the Sumatra subduction zone in Indonesia where December’s devastating magnitude 9 earthquake occurred.

Crossword Champion
He’s Got a Clue!
Rensselaer student Tyler Hinman, 20, has won the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, becoming the youngest champion in the 28-year history of the competition.

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