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Healthcare Leadership Program

Lally School launches Program Apollo for healthcare industry executives

Lally School launches Program Apollo for healthcare industry executives. Photo by Kris Qua

Program Apollo, a new executive education program launched by the Lally School of Management and Technology, is arming leaders in the healthcare industry with the skills to create and execute visionary strategies in a complex marketplace.

The three-day program uses simulated scenarios set in a virtual hospital to test participants’ skills in identifying administrative, financial, and technological opportunities for growth and development within the healthcare industry.

The course also features a series of workshops and labs, including: the use of models to simulate economic relationships in the hospital and market environment, investment decision-making, organizational budget planning, and role-playing, among others.

All participants work in teams made up of healthcare executives and faculty members from the Lally School, and are awarded three Continuing Education Units upon graduation.

“Program Apollo is a wonderful illustration of experiential learning at its best,” said David Gautschi, dean of the Lally School. “The first of its kind to focus on the business of healthcare, Program Apollo [allows] participants to experience different scenarios that they may encounter while managing a hospital. It may be anything from deciding on the types of training programs to offer to physicians and nurses, to selecting new technologies, to identifying the healthcare needs of patients.

“The program takes a realistic approach to finding innovative solutions to complex challenges in healthcare management,” Gautschi said. “Changing times demand a new way to teach business leaders. Program Apollo is dedicated to the idea that management, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship are critical to improving the quality of life.”

rogram Apollo was developed under the sponsorship of Medtronic, and is powered by Strategy Laboratories®,
a simulation platform created by Janus Enterprise International, LLC.The next Program Apollo session is planned for Oct. 8-12. For additional information, visit

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