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Rensselaer research and people continue to garner national media attention. Following are some recent mentions.

Business Week’s 75th anniversary issue special report — “The Innovation Economy,” on technologies and new ideas that are changing the world — featured a Q&A with President Shirley Ann Jackson on the importance of encouraging more young people to pursue careers in science, engineering, and math. “Technological innovation, coming out of basic research and invention, has been the engine of our economy… the stakes are clear,” Jackson said, warning of a “quiet crisis that could lead to a perfect storm” if left unchecked.

Civil Engineering magazine’s November issue profiled the NSF’s new Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) consortium, including Rensselaer’s renovated Geotechnical Centrifuge Research Center.

“It is not often that an exceptional group of leaders in science, engineering, business, and government are assembled in one place, but it’s even less frequent when such an exceptional research facility as Troy, NY-based Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s new Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies opens its doors,” is how Buildings magazine began its feature story on Rensselaer’s new “World Class” facility. The story, in the November edition, detailed design features of the new multidisciplinary facility.

Research on carbon nanotube filters by Materials Science and Engineering Professor Pulickel Ajayan was described in stories in November editions of MIT’s online Technology Review magazine, Science News, and Chemical & Engineering News.

The Wall Street Journal’s CollegeJournal.com quoted Lally School of Management and Technology’s Associate Professor of Marketing Jeffrey Durgee in an article on business schools rethinking MBA programs.

The ingenuity of Rensselaer students was showcased in an Associated Press story on the American Institute of Chemical Engineers’ “Chem-E-Car” competition in November. The Rensselaer team’s use of a fuel cell to power a car made out of LEGOs was noted in the AP story out of Austin, Texas, that appeared in publications nationally.

A Nov. 22 New York Times article titled “Computers as Authors? Literary Luddites Unite!” featured the computer program Brutus.1, developed by Selmer Bringsjord, chair of Rensselaer’s Cognitive Science Department and professor of computer science, and David Ferrucci of IBM.

The New York Times also turned to Rensselaer Lighting Research Center director Nadarajah Narendran for expert commentary on new LED technology for the Oct. 18 story “Tiny L.E.D.’s Grow Into Mighty Theatrical Lights.” The syndicated story appeared around the world, including in the International Herald Tribune.

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