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In Memoriam

John C. Byron ’36, retired chief of sanitary engineering design, NYS Office of General Services, who was director of construction of the Empire State Plaza, active alumnus and board member, 50 Year Club and Class of ’36 correspondent, and WWII Army veteran; Oct. 24. John D. Nelson ’37, retired group leader and manager, GE Plastics Research and Development, patent holder, and developer of phenolic foam, used in battleships in WWII; July 30. Joseph W. Suydam ’38, retired owner, Suydam Machine & Engineering Works; June 10. Paul W. Demarest ’39, retired vice president of finance, Bergan Mercy Hospital in Omaha, Neb., school board president, and travel and outdoor enthusiast, active in an international Airstream trailers club; Aug. 19. Ira E. “Joe” Harrod Jr. ’39, M.S. ’57, dean emeritus of students and former director of academic advising at Rensselaer, awarded the RAA’s Demers Medal, among other honors; and WWII Marines veteran; Sept. 21. Daniel C. Nolan III ’39, retired electrical engineer for Consolidated Edison, and WWII Army veteran; Oct. 15.

David L. Noble ’40, former Rensselaer instructor, Naval Reserve officer (cryptology), and retired electrical engineer with IBM, which honored him in 1974 for development of the flexible “floppy” disk and its associated disk drive mechanism; April 25. Robert W. Van Allen ’40, retired after a 40-year career with Uniroyal Chemical Co., who was honored by the Naugatuck, Conn., Chamber of Commerce for years of service to the community; July 20. Rutgers C. Jones ’41, retired engineer-service, Harding Lawson Associates; Nov. 26, 2003. John Pinker Jr. ’41, Navy commander and computer specialist; Oct. 8. William A. Stirrat ’41, former R&D electrical engineer, U.S. Army, and principal engineer, Northrop Grumman Corp., who originated the binomial pulse as a powerful breakthrough in bandwidth reduction; he was author of the song “Unchained Melody”; July 2. Robert J. Richards ’42, retired production supervisor for DuPont Co., who helped bring the Savannah River Plant’s first nuclear reactor on line, and WWII Navy veteran; Aug. 30. Michael P. Ryan ’43, retired from United Technologies Corp.; October 2004. Russell E. Baline ’44, retired electrical engineer, Tracor, and WWII Army veteran; Sept. 11. Donald R. Zeissett ’44, retired from the industrial sales division of Reliable Electric Co., formerly with Central Hudson Power Co., and U.S. Navy veteran; Aug. 2.

DeVere W. “Rick” Ryckman ’45, founder of the environmental firm REACT, and former A.P. Greensfelder Professor at Washington University, where he set up the environmental engineering department; Sept. 14. Eugene Behun ’47, M.M.E. ’48, retired manager of advanced development, Xerox Corp., patent holder, tutor, consultant, and pilot; May 28. George B. Burpee ’47, retired co-owner and vice president, Boyertown Auto Body Works, where he designed futuristic trucks and old-fashioned trolleys; July 8. William H. Cantwell ’47, M.D., former chief of surgery, Coral Gables Hospital, vice president of professional affairs, Glens Falls Hospital, and WWII Navy veteran; May 29. Douglas W. McDowall ’49, retired owner and president, McDowall & Wood, a bridge building firm in Salem, Va., active in the Virginia Road Builders Association, and retired Air Force Reserves captain; Aug. 14.

Joseph Beaudette ’50, retired president, Beaudette & Co. Inc.; March 6. John F. Comey ’51, retired mechanical engineer with Glastic Corp., sports car enthusiast and collector of Bugatti cars, arts supporter, and WWII Navy veteran; Aug. 28. David Muir III ’53, retired supervisor of electrical engineering at Bell Labs, and Korean War Navy veteran; Aug. 5. Elbert W. Phillips ’53, M.D., retired chief of diagnostic radiology, Buffalo General Hospital, former chief of radiology, Army Hospital at the U.S.M.A., and retired Army major; Aug. 21. Paul H. Squires ’53, DCH ’56, retired after 30-year career with DuPont, active in community affairs, and avid bird watcher and outdoorsman; Aug. 23. William A. Best Jr. ’54, retired managing director, Caltex Petroleum Corp., April 24. Raymond T. Fleming Jr. ’55, retired manager with General Electric and quality control manager for Locke Insulator, former scoutmaster, and Air Force veteran; Aug. 23.

Robert D. Kalischer ’60, retired electrical engineer with Ohio Bell Telephone, investment club treasurer, ham radio operator, and avid bridge player; Aug. 27. Frank M. Coda ’61, executive vice president emeritus, ASHRAE, former director, Perlite Institute, and former executive vice president, Illuminating Engineering Society; June 25. William J. Travis ’61, former international marketing manager at several electronics companies, and retired senior editor for EDN Magazine; Oct. 1. Kenneth E. Wright ’63, formerly with Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, then involved in electronics repair, amateur astronomy, and local politics; July 19. Richard J. Cohn ’64, longtime member of the American Stock Exchange and options trader for Susquehanna; Sept. 15. Arthur B. Phinney, M.S. ’64, professor emeritus of mathematics and technology, Berkshire Community College, awarded the Carballo Governor’s Award for Excellence in Public Service from Gov. Michael S. Dukakis; Sept. 25.

Edward D. Thalmann ’66, physician, scientist, and retired Navy captain, developer of the Thalmann Algorithm, which contributed to the prevention of decompression sickness (the bends) in underwater divers; July 24. Albert E. Cutting, M.S. ’67, retired physics teacher, Melrose (Mass.) High School, and former chemical engineer for ESSO Standard Oil; July 18. Marc D. Berkman ’72, M.S. ’73, owner, Marc Berkman & Associates, computer consultants in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, avid cyclist, fisherman, and marathon competitor; Aug. 3. Tonu P. Kuusik, M.S. ’78, former computer systems specialist with Hamilton Sunstrand, and scout leader for the Estonian Boy Scouts in Connecticut; Sept. 15.

Edward L. “Ted” Shuster ’81, Ph.D. ’94, research associate professor of earth and environmental sciences and an expert on Hudson Basin hydrology, active in community theater and the Silver Bay Association; Sept. 16 (see Milestones). Paul J. Orosz, M.S. ’02, mechanical engineer for Hamilton Sunstrand, scout leader, and soccer coach; Aug. 20.
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