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Rensselaer Alumni Magazine Winter 2005-06
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Book Provides Product Innovation Insight

Book Cover: Product Innovation: Leading Change Through Integrated Product Development
Companies in today’s marketplace face increasing pressure to churn out new products more rapidly and less expensively. To alleviate some of the stress, efforts are being made to streamline and restructure the traditional new-product development process. In his new book, Product Innovation: Leading Change Through Integrated Product Development (Cambridge University Press, November 2005), David Rainey defines and discusses a comprehensive framework for overhauling the product development process in complex and challenging business environments.

Rainey, who is chair and associate professor of the Hartford Department of the Lally School of Management and Technology, writes the book from an integrated product development (IPD) perspective, linking all aspects of marketing, costing, and manufacturing into the development process.

The IPD perspective is the prevailing structure used for product innovation in most large corporations. It calls for the simultaneous development of new products and processes using cross-functional teams that are strategically aligned with the needs of customers, stakeholders, supply networks, and the business enterprise.

The first part of Rainey’s book covers product innovation, strategic logic, and the new product development process. Part two deals with establishing a foundation for new ideas on a conceptual level, all the way from the idea generation phase to the pre-commercialization and launch phase.

Rainey has more than 30 years of experience and leadership in industry and academia. He is an internationally renowned authority on global enterprise management, sustainable development, technological entrepreneurship, and product innovation.

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