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Recent Books by Alumni Authors

Cancer Nanotechnology

Cancer Nanotechnology
Thomas Webster ’00 and Hari Sing Nalwa
American Scientific Publishers, 2007

Researchers from around the world are actively integrating nanotechnology into the treatment of various diseases that influence human health. This book looks at the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer through the use of nanotechnology, which may help unravel the elusive aspects of cancer. Topics covered include many specific cancers, as well as chemotherapy, use of stem cells in cancer treatment, immuno- therapy, new cancer biological markers, and many others.

Thomas Webster, Ph.D. ’00, is associate professor in the Divisions of Engineering and Orthopaedics at Brown University.

The Accidental Trainer

The Accidental Trainer
Nanette Miner ’90
Wiley/Pfeiffer, 2006

The Accidental Trainer was written to support subject matter experts, human resource generalists, business owners, and managers who have found themselves thrust into the role of trainer. This all-around reference covers such topics as How to Provide Training Without Doing It Yourself, Planning the Financial Aspects of Training Implementations, and Choosing Vendors and Other Resources. This book will assist the small, part-time, or one-person training department.

Nanette Miner, M.S. ’90, is the founder and director of consulting for The Training Doctor, LLC.

Technical Shop Mathematics

Technical Shop Mathematics
Thomas Achatz ’95, et. al.
Industrial Press, 2005

Completely revised and updated, this third edition provides students with the geometric and trigonometric concepts needed to solve problems commonly encountered in technical and trade occupations. Practical explanations, problem-solving techniques, examples, and exercises are provided throughout, and emphasis is placed on application, making it a resource for either standard lecture courses or guided self-paced study.

Thomas Achatz, M.S. ’95, specializes in product quality assurance at General Motors Corp.


Peter Viemeister ’50
Hamilton’s, 2006

The author subtitles his compact 50-year history CIA, JFK, TWA, 9/11…A Search for Truth. In an age of cover-ups, conspiracies, media bias, and Internet blogs, he asks, what can we believe? Viemeister raises the issues of politics and influence, the separation of powers in government, and how government and the media compete to shape the minds of American voters, while our way of life and national security hang in the balance.

Peter Viemeister ’50 is a retired vice president of development at Grumman Corp., trustee of Lynchburg College, and author of nine books.

America’s Judicial Meltdown

America’s Judicial Meltdown
Joseph Gentiluomo ’53
Justice Press, 2006

As a young aspiring engineer with a love for inventing, the author chose to make a career out of inventing, while concurrently and extensively pursuing the study of patent law. An expert in kinematics engineering and patent law, he brings a combination of engineering and legal knowledge to the writing of this book, in which he details how his dream of selling or licensing a patent was shattered through judicial processes.

Joseph Gentiluomo ’53 is a former development engineer at General Electric and holder of 25 U.S. patents.

Public Relations Writing

Public Relations Writing
Donald Treadwell ’87 and Jill Treadwell
Sage Publications, 2005

Public Relations Writing: Principle in Practice begins with an overview of the principles of basic strategic communication decision-making, followed by chapters that apply these strategies and practices of writing public relations messages for multiple audiences. The authors examine the macro-level understanding of societal factors that affect the relationships between organization and audience and the micro-level understanding of language and its applications that leads to elegant, finely tuned, effective messages.

Donald Treadwell, Ph.D.,’87, is professor of communication at Westfield State College, Mass., and has international consulting experience in agricultural extension and health communication.

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