Student Groups

Both the NE Program and the MANE Department are home to several active student groups which supplement courses and academic work with extracurricular and off-campus experiences. The NE program is fortunate to have a very active sections of the American Nuclear Society, the professional society for nuclear engineers, and the nuclear engineering honor society Alpha Nu Sigma. Advising the MANE department, the Student Advisory Council participates in various departmental functions, including the interviewing of prospective faculty members, the production of guest lectures and seminars, and departmental representation in outreach events. Today, these groups provide the program with a wide array of student resources and activities, and also host technical presentations and seminars online.


The American Nuclear Society is a not-for-profit, international, scientific and educational organization. It was established by a group of individuals who recognized the need to unify the professional activities within the diverse fields of nuclear science and technology. December 11, 1954, marks the Society's historic beginning at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C. ANS has since developed a multifarious membership composed of approximately 11,000 engineers, scientists, administrators, and educators representing 1,600 plus corporations, educational institutions, and government agencies. It is governed by four officers and a board of directors elected by the membership. Our chapter consists of approximately 80 student members and is governed by a four-member executive board. Our mission is to provide services to students that will foster personal and career development in a friendly environment. We actively participate in campus and community events raising awareness for nuclear science, engineering, and the American Nuclear Society.



Established to pull student influence into the MANE Departments official business, the MANE Student Advisory Council betters the student experience by facilitating technical seminars, bringing in guest lecturers, and participating in various administrative tasks. In the past, public forum events, faculty hiring, and seminar series have been provided to the campus community by the Council.

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