Shanbin Shi wins NEUP award - Key Improvements to Efficiency and Safety Will Enable Expansion of Nuclear Energy
August 5, 2021

Professor Shi and his team will assess the current mechanisms at work in both a boiling water reactor — a type of LWR — and a hydrogen chemical plant. They will then design an energy extraction system and control algorithms capable of integrating the two plants, monitoring their functions, and controlling their processes.”

Bahran honored with Secretary of Defense Medal for Exceptional Service
June 22, 2021

This recognition from the Department of Defense reflects Rian's dedication and commitment to vital national security issues," said Deputy Laboratory Director for Weapons Bob Webster. "Los Alamos National Laboratory is proud of the extensive contributions that Rian has made." Bahran an RPI Alumnus (both BS and PhD) was recognized for his service and contributions as a senior science and policy adviser for nuclear deterrence policy from January 2019 to May 2020 and a special assistant to the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy from May 2020 to this June.”

X. George Xu to Receive Arthur Holly Compton Award in Education
May 21, 2020

X. George Xu, the Edward E. Hood Endowed Chair Professor of mechanical, aerospace, and nuclear engineering, has been chosen to receive the 2020 Arthur Holly Compton Award in Education from the American Nuclear Society. This honor was established in memory of Arthur Holly Compton, a physicist and Nobel Prize winner in physics, to recognize “outstanding contributions to education in nuclear science and engineering.”

Yaron Danon Elected Fellow of the American Nuclear Society
May 21, 2020

Yaron Danon, a professor of mechanical, aerospace, and nuclear engineering at Rensselaer, has been elected a fellow of the American Nuclear Society. Prof. Danon earn the grade of fellow based on “For significant contributions to nuclear engineering and science through novel experimental and analytical research leading to more accurate nuclear cross section data essential to the design of safe and reliable nuclear reactors

Shanbin Shi Receives Early Stage Innovations Grant from NASA
November 25, 2019

Shanbin Shi, assistant professor of mechanical, aerospace, and nuclear engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, was recently awarded an Early Stage Innovations grant from NASA’s Space Technology Research Grants program to develop an approach for modeling how cryogenic propellant will behave in microgravity when stored for a long time. The goal is to gain a greater understanding of how to best design propellant storage systems for long-term missions.

RPI team wins ANS Student Design Competition
November 17, 2019

The team presented their senior design project "Design of a Zirconium Critical Benchmark" at the winter ANS meeting. Group members included Ngai To Yu, Chad Meece, Robert Jacob, Gabriella Bruno, and Ryan O’Neill. The group advisor was Prof. Yaron

The 2018-2019 NRC Nuclear Excellence Scholarship was awarded Eighteen Nuclear Engineering students

Since 2008 until now, RPI has been working with the NRC and gained several awards. The awards from NRC are in three forms: Faculty Development (around $1.8M granted since 2008), Graduate Fellowships (around $1.6M granted since 2010), and Undergraduate Scholarships (around $600K granted since 2015). Through this generous support from NRC to the Nuclear Engineering Program at RPI, not only junior faculty, but also excellent graduate and undergraduate students were recruited, helped, and retained. Moreover, some of the graduate and undergraduate recipients continue to work for NRC in various positions. This year are awarding 18 Excellence awards to some of our brightest undergraduate students.

Rensselaer Professor Emily Liu Receives $1.8 Million DoE Award for Solar Power Systems Research
June 14, 2018

Li (Emily) Liu, associate professor of nuclear engineering and engineering physics in the Department of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Nuclear Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, has been selected by the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) to receive a $1.8 million award to study high-temperature molten-salt properties and corrosion mechanisms. This award is part of a $72 million funding program to advance concentrating solar power (CSP) research, a power plant technology that could reduce the cost of solar energy.