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Last updated: October 20, 2002


Welcome to the RPI Gaming Club web site. The purpose of our club is to "promote the pastime of gaming in all its forms." In other words, if you're looking for a game of any sort, we've got people who play it, own it, run it, live it, and breathe it. So come join us for a game! We're once again back in the Union, from noon to 5:00 on Saturdays (though we'll frequently run later than that).


March 4, 2002: The Role-Playing Games Club, a sub-division of the Gaming Club, now has their own web site.

Bridge players wanted! Any experience level is welcome. If interested, e-mail Dan DiTursi.

Game Library

A list of all of the games we have. Most of these are board games of some variety, although there are other types of games as well.

Previous Live-Action Role-Playing Games

Once upon a time, most of our club had never LARPed. Mary Kate Williams, an experienced LARPer, decided that we should change that, and we asked "Uncle" Don Ross if he would bring his game The Morning After out to RPI and run it. Unsurprisingly, he agreed (the game has run an amazing fifteen times now). What WAS surprising was the overwhelming response - we had to turn players away, and those that played wanted another one RIGHT NOW. Fortunately, John Trussell came to our rescue and brought six times nine, along with most of the same game masters. And we owe them many thanks, for bringing not only the games, but the entire LARP genre to RPI.



Head GM(s)


Etherlines: The Morning After Etherlines Tours "Uncle" Don Ross September 22-24, 2000
It's Good? To Be the King Jenn Celentano, Rick O'Neil, et al Jenn, Rick, Jason Wodicka, "Kato" Kadas January 23, 2000 (the Genericon 13 build-your-own game)
FOCUS "Uncle" Don Ross "Uncle" Don Ross January 22, 2000 (at Genericon 13 )
The Final Voyage of the Mary Celeste Jim MacDougal "Uncle" Don Ross & Eric Wirtannen November 7, 1999
The Ilath-Nai Defense D. Duncan Pickard, Michael Rafferty, et al D. Duncan Pickard January 23, 1999 (the Genericon 12 build-your-own game)
I Was a Teenage Mutant from Outer Space John Corrado, Jr. Dan DiTursi September 5, 1998
six times nine: peripheral visionaries IAJOMAA Interactive Lit. John Trussell March 27-28, 1998
Etherlines: The Morning After Etherlines Tours "Uncle" Don Ross January 23-25, 1998

Club Officers

Tim Sweeney - President
Todd Gardner - Vice President
Andrew Zorowitz - Secretary/Treasurer

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