Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

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Life on Campus

With more than 60 percent of undergraduates living on campus, Rensselaer offers a large and vital residential community.

Sports & Recreation

Over 80 percent of students take part in intramurals, club sports, or intercollegiate programs.

Performing Arts

Many students participate in the performing arts at Rensselaer and enjoy a variety of opportunities to practice their craft.

Civil & Democratic Engagement

Rensselaer students have embraced the spirit of volunteerism and participate in community service on campus and in the community.

Professional & Leadership Development

We help you turn your academic knowledge into a career through internships, leadership opportunites, and real-world experiences.

Diversity & Inclusion

The strength of our culturally rich community makes Rensselaer a place where anything is possible.

Student Support

The entire Rensselaer community works to challenge, engage, and support students as they move to higher plateaus of success.

Designed to enrich and augment classroom and laboratory studies, the student life experience is a vital part of Rensselaer's undergraduate education.